The inlets are made from flexible material. The airtight transmittance is ensured although the cable or tube is inserted. Suitable for low-energy buildings or passive wooden buildings. The mounting screws are fitted with three thread for quick instalation. Prevents airflow through the instalation. (only for 43mm depth). While mounting is not necessery to bend the edge of the plasterboard.

Depths: 43mm or 68 mm (may be choosen directly within product).

The diameter of milled (drilled) hole diameter: 68 mm depth 43 mm and 72 mm depth 68 mm.

Made from self-extinguishing PVC (fire reaction class A1 – F). Designed for 400V, 16A. Temperature resistence: -5 + 60 °C. Diameter: 68mm. Inlets: 4x 20mm, 4x 10mm.