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Katarína Rothová
Patrik Pokorný

We built our own wooden house in the countryside in a beautiful orchard. And we were looking for suitable switches. We really liked the idea of colorful porcelain switches. We found several colored switches ourselves, but no manufacturer offered them at that time. And so we made them ourselves.

The need eventually turned into a love for porcelain, and in 2015, KATY PATY was established, which today is the largest manufacturer of colored porcelain switches and sockets in the world. We deliver our products to 28 countries around the world, including the USA, Israel and Hong Kong.

KATY PATY products are hand made. They are made of genuine Czech porcelain, which is of high-quality, colour-fast, ecological and very resistant to abrasion. We currently offer 6 collections of porcelain switches and sockets, including mechanisms.

We are also manufacturers of porcelain light fixtures and porcelain table lamps. They come in the same design and colors as the porcelain switches and sockets. Thanks to this, the switches create perfect combination with the lights.

The great rarity is the possibilit to combine colors. We are the only company that offers mixing the colors of the individual parts. This creates unique and very individual combinations of switches. For some collections, up to approx. 46,000 color combinations can be put together.

We also invited well-known Czech designers to cooperate.



Milan Pekar

He designed the ROTO luminaire for KATY PATY. Ceramic magus and porcelain magician. In recent years, he has been involved in the creation of so-called crystalline glazes. On his way to new glazes, he created for example colored metallic crystalline glazes that are unique in today's world. Color combinations excel in the design of his vases.

Milan Pekař
Jaroslav Jurica

He designed a PURA switch for KATY PATY. He works in various levels of design. In his work, he seeks a natural relationship between function and the distinctive expression of a product. As he says: Of course, the form follows the function, because without the form there is no need for design.

Jaroslav Juřica

How we do it


The ROO collection is inspired by history. We re-designed the switch from the last century. I collected various old switches in bazaars all over Europe. And there were a lot of them. They were mostly in the shape of a circle. And so the ROO collection was born. Design adapted to today's requirements


The ROO X collection is a solution for those who save space. Or for those who have multiple boxes installed next to each other in the wall. An important feature of this collection is the possibility of composing endless rows. Both vertically and horizontally.


The PURA collection is inspired by river pebbles. Porcelain minimalism. A touch that brings light and warmth. You will want to be touching them!


The COLONA collection are porcelain switches designed to be mounted on the surface – on the wall, on a beam, etc. Braided textile cables are also run directly on the surface, and are connected directly to the porcelain switches, sockets and light fixtures. In this way, a very original interior environment can be created, where all cable installations are visible.


The TABELLA collection is also made of porcelain, but resembles tabular chocolate. Elegant square shaped switches.


Different series of porcelain lamps with crystal shades. Making crystal lampshades by blowing is a real craft. KATY PATY crystal lampshades have a shell thickness of up to 10 mm; this creates a very interesting refraction of light, characteristic only of genuine crystal.

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